Looking for unique, budget friendly products to drive sales and achieve your funding goal?  Our custom products provide groups variety and flexibility to design offerings tailored for their target audience.

What sort of products do you offer?

How about a laser engraved school mascot yard sign?  Our professional laser allows us to upload any graphic to generate any detail and size you desire.  Considering a personalized study board for the virtual learner?  For 30 years Woodchuck Creations has specialized in mass producing custom study boards.  Interested in seasonal offerings?  We make detailed decor and ornaments that appeal to all ages.  You can choose from any existing product line or collaborate with us to create your specific product.


How does it work?

Together we develop and design your product offering.  You can either choose from any existing design or we can work with you on a unique collaboration.  We provide a sample or rendering that you advertise.  After you collect orders and payment then submit an order with us.  We collect from you upon delivery.

How much money can we make?

Our customers routinely generate 2-3 times their investment.  We constantly work with our vendors to insure we have the highest quality materials at the lowest cost.  This allows us to offer budget friendly prices with your financial goals in mind.  Fundraising pricing is generously discounted off our retail pricing.

How long until I get my order?

Turnaround will vary due to size and scope.  Typically, we can have most laser engraving orders completed in 10 days.  Study board orders range from 2-4 weeks, depending on order size.

If interested please call Jason at 405/760-1301 or Don at 405/338-5826