Study Board FAQ

What is a study board?

       Simply's a board shaped to fit comfortably in your lap; used to hold books and a laptop while studying.  When Woodchuck Creations started making this product 50 years ago our customers cleverly coined "study boards" and the name stuck.  Later on a tailored poly-filled bottom was added to improve comfort.  A study board is also known as a lap board or lap desk.  Our customers include young children, college students, and remote employees.  It's common for groups like sororities to celebrate their sisterhood events, like Big Little reveals, with study boards.  Today, our customers continue to use the study board they made over 30 years ago.  

  What is a Complete Study Board kit?

A complete study board kit includes a blank study board and assembly.  We'll add epoxy resin to your decorated board, attach a poly-filled fabric bottom, and complete the study board with upholstery nail trim. 

Please explain how Decorate Your Own Study Board works...

Traditionally, our customers have always taken the hands on approach to designing and decorating their study board desktop.  Customers use paint, stain, vinyl, stickers, photos and more to create meaningful desktop designs.  Follow our How-to Guide for helpful tips and tricks.  Along with decorating the desktop customers will choose complimentary fabric and nail trim.  We'll take care of the rest.  

Now, what's unique about DYO is the customer will decorate the blank desktop board at home.  If the customer is not located within our local delivery area we will ship the blank desktop board to the customer and have them return ship the decorated desktop board back to us.  We will ship the completed study board back to the customer.  If a customer is located within our local delivery area we will schedule in-person pick-ups and deliveries.  

How does Artwork to Print work?

Instead of decorating the desktop by hand like DYO, the customer will provide a digital copy of their desktop artwork.  We will then convert that digital copy into a high resolution print and adhere it to the desktop.  This Study Board Design feature opens up a world of design possibilities to the customer.  Collages, illustrations, graphic art, photography, and pop art just to name a few.  

 Upon receipt of the customer's digital artwork, fabric and nail trim choice we will complete the study board and deliver it.

Will I collaborate directly with a Featured Artist?

Yes.  When you select Custom Art Commission with one of our Featured Artist we will put you in direct contact with them.  You will share your vision and provide guidance over the artwork.  Once complete the artist will provide us a digital copy.  Upon receipt of your fabric and nail trim choice we'll complete your study board. 

NOTE:  Each artist has established a base commission fee.  At the artist's discretion, additional cost may be required based upon the artwork complexity.  If so, full payment will be collected before any artwork is completed.

 How long does it take to make a study board?

Typical turnaround time for a single order is 7-10 days once we have the decorated board, fabric and nail trim choice.  A group order can take up to 4-5 weeks depending on how large it is.  When placing an order with a deadline please consider the following can extend lead times: 

  • order size 
  • commissioned artwork
  • resin curing time 
  • seamstress turnaround
If you have a deadline please fill out the form below with desired date in hand, order size, and any other specific info you can share.  We'll provide an estimated delivery date.

    How do I place a large order for a group?

     A group can place a large order by submitting their request on our Group Orders page.  Orders of 10 or more qualify for a bulk order discount.  Please refer to our Shipping and Handling page for shipping and local delivery information.  


    If you have additional questions or a specific request please fill out the form below.  Thank you.