Study Boards - What Are They??

       Simply's a board shaped to fit comfortably in your lap; used to hold books and laptop while studying.  When Woodchuck Creations started making this product 50 years ago our customers cleverly coined "study boards" and the name stuck.  Later on a tailored poly-filled bottom was added to improve comfort.  A study board is also known as a lap board or lap desk.  Our customers include young children, college students, and remote employees.  It's common for groups like sororities to celebrate their sisterhood events, like Big Little reveals, with study boards.  Today, our customers continue to use the study board they made over 30 years ago.  

 Handmade Quality

Each study board is hand made with quality materials and finishes.  

  • Our signature shape provides a comfortable fit.
  • Each study board desktop is made from 1/2" Baltic Birch and CNC routed for consistency.
  • Sizes available:
  • Small - 24" X 19" X 4" - Our Most Popular Size
  • Large - 28" X 19" X 4"
  • Weighing in at 8 pounds, our study board sits level and stable while on your lap or any flat surface.
  • Every study board desktop is finished with a 2-part epoxy resin for long lasting durability.
  • Each fabric bottom is tailor-made, filled with poly-fil and attached with upholstery nail trim.  
  • A complimentary canvas tote bag is included with each order.

Personal Design

Our study boards are truly personal.  Every customer takes part in the creative process.  With each order a customer designs and decorates the desktop.  Then picks out a yard of fabric and upholstery nails complementing the study board design.  We assemble every study board at our shop.

  • Choose from these study board kit options: 
  • Study Board Complete Kit - Considered our traditional option, a customer decorates the desktop by hand and then we assemble the study board.
  • Digital Artwork + Study Board Complete Kit - We'll convert a digital copy of artwork or photo collage into a high resolution print.  Then adhere it to the desktop before assembling the study board.
  • When choosing fabrics we recommend using cotton, duck canvas, minky or upholstery fabrics.  Please avoid stretchy materials.  Our seamstress needs one yard to tailor fit the fabric bottom to our study boards.
  • Don't have time to shop for fabric?  We offer several colors in dot and smooth minky fabric.
  • Each fabric bottom is filled with poly-fil and attached with upholstery nail trim.  We offer brass, gold or silver.
  • Refer to our How-To Guide for helpful tips & tricks if decorating yourself.
  • Need Inspiration?  Check out the Study Board Inspo page for design ideas.
  • Go to Study Board FAQ to learn more.

 For the DIYer...

We offer study board desktop blanks in every size so you can make your own study board at home.  We also offer additional services like epoxy resin pours and fabric bottom assembly if you need help completing your study board.

Artist Commission

For those needing help brining their vision to life we can connect you with talented digital artists.  You will pay the artist for the artwork and we'll attach a high resolution print to your board.